CMR Surgical


To create an informative and engaging video to be the focal point of an exhibition stand. The video needed to demonstrate the benefits to surgeons of the revolutionary new VERSIUS surgical robotic system. MPG needed to film Key Opinion Leaders and then create a seamless virtual panel discussion.


With only two working days’ notice MPG needed to arrange 4 shoot crews to film within separate hospital locations across the UK. We also had to link up with CMR Surgical host in Rome.  The next challenge was to edit the entire project within 48 hours to meet the exhibition deadline


To link the 5 speakers we utilised a zoom meeting so that they could all see and hear each other as well as enabling them to view a film of the robot in action. Ensuring that the crews were all in communication with each other we used a second zoom call to provide direction to the crews and to ensure consistent framing of the presenters and a constant flow to the discussion.

The footage from the 5 locations was then transferred back to MPG premises using our secure SFTP site to allow the edit of the films to start immediately. With only 48hrs to complete the linking of the 5 separate films to create the one seamless film we worked with two of our editors and suites at the same time. The workflow was managed using Avid unity to allow both editors to work in real time across the same project.