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For communications professionals looking for an authentic approach, MPG is a creative production company with people that care and can be trusted to deliver.


Metro Production Group is one of the UK’s leading creative production companies and we have over 30 years of experience in delivering authentic, dynamic, and inspiring events.

Our team comprises of skilled individuals that handle our projects with the highest level of care and professionalism ensuring client satisfaction. Our 30+ year experience in the creative events industry has helped us cement a positive reputation among our clients. We have been tried, tested and trusted to constantly deliver the best in all the projects we undertake.

Our people work hard to understand the vision our clients have for their events and we bring their visions to life through our creative approach and delivery.

Our specialty involves catering for the creative and technical needs of events in the United Kingdom and globally. We always prioritise the satisfaction of our client and our dedicated team always strives to achieve this by constantly bringing their A-game to the table. 

We strive to give our clients’ projects an authentic feel that can stimulate real emotions from their audiences. We achieve high-quality results, and build strong relationships with our clients which keeps them coming back time and time again.

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Where we work

We have offices located in Central London and Edinburgh, from there, our international teams deliver creative production services all over the world.


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We work tirelessly to bring our vision to life, which is to provide our clients with top-quality services that combine creativity and technical excellence and that inspire trust and result in 100% satisfaction. We are constantly investing in new talent and new equipment.  Our technical prowess allows us to  ensure that work with the “best of the best” who instinctively know how to deliver a top quality performance and  we work with clients in a way that has  them returning to us again and again.

We aim to provide our clients with an authentic experience that they cannot easily get elsewhere and to be the first company they call  for future projects.


We offer a range of services for the creative and events industry

  • Creative Design Studio
  • Technical Production Services
  • Staging Design and Build
  • Video and Film Production
  • Webcast, Streaming and Satellite Broadcast
  • Managed AV Services
  • AV Installation Services