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Our unique combination of skills in broadcasting and technical event production means we can help you create engaging and far-reaching, live communications.

Our Experience

MPG has produced live, hybrid and virtual events to engaged audiences across the world. Our innovative approach brings creativity and innovation to every project and our technical expertise ensures that every MPG event has the best in video, lighting and sound.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Our virtual and hybrid events continue this by bringing the best of what we do online to provide superior technical quality and creative presentation. This is supported by our video and animation team that can produce impactful, informative and engaging content for your event, conference or launch.

Using Creative Thinking underpinned with high quality broadcast production and the right digital platformMPG can deliver a virtual event that your target audience will want to attend.

MPG are always looking for new ways to help our clients to share their message. From new technology to the latest in virtual broadcasting techniques, we have our fingers on the pulse and are recognised as industry leaders in events and broadcast.

We are not new to this. MPG have been offering broadcast and live stream services for over 20 years

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